Thursday, 27 August 2015

Acura South Bay Service

We all desire to own great cars and our Acura south bay is committed to meeting our customer's desires and expectations. We major in new and used acura cars here at the South Bay offering everything and anything automotive from service parts, luxury cars sales and on site financing. Our acura south bay is your best one stop destination for a variety of new or used cars.
We have a vast variety of the current 2015 and 2016 cars and our prices are highly competitive. Furthermore, we also offer service and auto repairs catered for by our very efficient technicians who ensure your car remains in tip top shape. To our customers, we offer service coupons at discounted prices for all servicing needs. This is in a bid to increase our clientele.
The dealership offers a number of special service coupons to meet your car's servicing needs. All coupons should be presented at the time of purchase. The coupons may vary on the kind of car models they are suited for while others serve all car models. The coupons not only cover for the specified service they were purchased for but also cater for: administrative fees, shop supplies and taxes.
The type of coupons offered include, the complete detail package coupon which caters for the servicing of the whole car details. The brake fluid exchange coupon is another type. It specifically covers the service from the exchange of the brake fluids ensuring that your car has its brakes well lubricated.
The front brake service coupon caters for the servicing of the front brakes to ensure that the brakes have a firm grip and are functioning well. The coolant service coupon covers the servicing of the car's cooling system to ensure that it does not overheat while driving.
The greatness of these coupons is that, they are discounted and pocket friendly. Aside from coupons, our customers have the assurance of being attended to by experienced staff who have great expertise in their fields of work. Here at the South Bay we are your number one acura dealer shop. Pay us a visit and try us out.

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