Friday, 4 March 2016

Key Tips To Engage Your Email Subscriber

An effective email marketing campaign must focus on engagement of their subscribers to increase their higher rates of open and click. The engaged subscribers like to read your email and interact with you to buy your products. You join in the email marketing program called Email Alchemy Elite which is going to launch shortly to make students learn more about email marketing
In this article, you will get tips to make your subscribers engage in your email.
The first step you need to do is engage your customer to find your customer’s interest and based on that segment your subscribers. This can be easily done based on the previous data available with you. You can target them based on their age group, geographical location, gender, etc.
You can engage the subscribers more using triggered emails than bulk emails. For example, sending the Welcome emails, emails on their birthday, anniversary, and New Year, and an email requesting the product reviews are called the triggered emails. Triggered emails require data integration to be set outside the email program, and thus, help to increase the higher rate.
Like making your subscribers active, it is also vital to find out the inactive customers in your email campaign who were not engaged with any of your emails for a longer period of time. There are various email tools available to find out these. Once you have identified them, you need to do a special campaign for them to identify the really inactive subscribers and those who still like to receive your emails. This can be done through surveys or feedback form to send their feedback about your campaign. The subject line of the re engagement campaign should be very creative and aggressive.
In recent times, most people prefer to read their emails in mobile phones. Use the appropriate tools and templates that will make your email mobile friendly.

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