Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Guidelines For Safety On A Golf Course

Golf is a game of getting the ball through a series of holes with clubs in the least number of strokes. It isn’t a highly intense game or time bound. A game of golf played by 4 professional golfers will take four hours to pass through 18 holes. Four hours is quite a long time to be outdoors and requires great care. Visit for more on golfing and the best golfing course and membership offers.

Golf being an outdoor game, players must be aware of the locality and surroundings. Once in a while we have seen videos of visiting bears, foxes and deer on golf courses close to the woods. It might sound scary, but these are rare visitors. Ones to look out for would be snakes and other reptiles that find the greens a natural habitat especially the rough areas or out of bounds and among the trees. Use insect repellents to avoid insect bites.

Golf involves a lot of walking to cover the distance between 18 holes. The distance could range between 4 to five kilometers approximately. It would be best to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Drink before you start the game and rehydrate before every hole. Energy drinks can keep the body electrolytes balanced and replenished. Avoid alcoholic beverages as they tend to dehydrate the body. 

Four hours is indeed a long time for being outdoors in the open and mostly away from shade. Apply sunscreen with at least SPF 30, half an hour before the game and reapply every three hours. Wear clothes that protect most of the skin from sun and cover head with cap or hat. Sunglasses can protect eyes and keep them cool.

Warm up and stretch before the game. Golf looks like a game without much strain but it does involve muscle strength. Walking such long distances can leave the leg muscles sore. Swinging the golf club requires the movement of back muscles, muscles in the arms, thighs and legs. Using the club strains the neck muscles and the need to focus energy on the wrist to swing the club is strenuous. Stretching exercises will warm up the muscles and prevent damage to tissues. Learn from a proper trainer because the game is more about sensory and motor recognition and muscle memory. A well trained technique and perfect practice will keep the muscles from injury.

While playing, take caution before raising the club to strike the ball. Look around to keep spectators and other players away from the club before the strike. Strike only when sure that the place where you aim to throw the ball is clear of other teams and people. Even as you strike the ball and know that it might fling in a direction away from where you expected shout warning “fore” so that other players and caddies on the field may heed caution. While you are a spectator or player on the field stay alert for warning and duck when it is heard. Be watchful, serious head and eye injuries do happen on a golf field.

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