Saturday, 20 August 2016

Tips To Maintain Your Epilator

Today, there are several options for removing unwanted body hair. Both men and women prefer to get rid of body hair. Traditional methods like waxing procedure and razor are still popular. If you are considering electrolysis and laser treatment, you have to spend more money. Hair Epilator is the latest device that is helpful for removing unwanted hair. You do not have to visit your salon or cosmetic clinic every month to get rid of your body hair. You can use the epilator by yourself whenever you wish. It is becoming popular in recent days because of its flexibility and features.
If you are planning to purchase a new hair epilator and feeling confused which to buy, you need to visit The device looks similar to an electric razor. It removes the hair from the root. It does not cut as the razor does.
Due to high popularity, there are numerous styles and ranges of hair epilators available in the market. It is necessary to understand the features and uses before purchasing. You have to know to use each feature present in the epilator.
Most people think that it is hard to clean and maintain hair epilators. In reality, it does not take more than ten minutes to clean an epilator. It is simple to use as well as maintain. It is not complicated to clean, but you need to clean whenever you finish using the device. If you miss a cleaning, there are chances for bacteria to get in touch with your skin.
Use a recommended cleaning brush Epilators come with a cleaning brush. You can use that cleaning brush to remove the hairs out. You can also use a toothbrush if you do not have a cleaning brush. Rotate the head of the epilator manually and clean in all places. You should also clean in between tweezers. As you rotate, the tweezers will open. You can insert the brush and clean. Press the buttons seen on the sides of the epilator. Remove the epilator head. You will find lots of hairs stuck in that area. Clean thoroughly and ensure it is free from any tiny hairs.
Wash the head The next most important step is to clean the head of the epilator. You can clean it with hot water. Just rotate as you hold it under hot water. You can continue this for one to two minutes. When you shake now, you will find few more hairs dropping out from the device.
Eliminate the bacteria To eliminate bacteria, you need to place epilator’s head in water. Ensure to add few drops of antibacterial dishwashing liquid or soap. Rinse thoroughly in cold water.
Another option is you can use alcohol soaked cotton ball to clean the tweezers and whole surface. You have to clean by rotating the tweezers manually.
Dry it Take a clean towel and let your epilator rest for about one or two days. The water should get evaporated.
Now, you have cleaned your epilator in an excellent manner. It is ready for use. It will look new. It is also free of bacteria.