Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Choosing The Best Skirt For Your Body Shape

There are many skirts to choose from, the midi skirts to the maxi skirts. Skirts look good on most of them but have to choose the right one according to your body shape and size. Pick some of the best skirts from the ChicV company. There was a time when shirts were worn below the knee, that is the hemline should be below the knee to have a modest look, but nowadays we find the size of skirts have transformed and look very good of youngsters. We find them choosing between the mini and maxi skirts which look very good on them, gone are the days of hemlines being below the knee. Check out the latest trends in fashion in the famous site http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/. Let’s look into some tips before selecting skirts for different shapes and sizes. The main thing to look while selecting a skirt is the fit. Choose one that fits your body correctly and the hemline should also be taken care of. You should not get yourself a very tight skirt because they look very odd and unprofessional at occasions. If the skirt is too tight, it will expose your curves which don't look good. If you are overweight then it doesn’t look good if your curves and thighs are exposed. But it is also necessary that you choose a skirt that is not very loose because it can make you look overweight also. It is very important that you choose a skirt that fits you exactly. Measure your hip and length and compare it with the chart provided by the online sites or stores before choosing the correct one. Measure your waistline, upper and the lower hip with a tape, get the exact measurement and select your skirt accordingly. The next point to look into before choosing a skirt is the hemline. A good hemline selection gives your body and the legs a perfect look. If you want to look good for any occasion selecting a skirt with the perfect hemline is very important. The best way to find the correct hemline is to stand in front of a full-length mirror with the heeled shoes or sandals you are planning to wear, hold a fabric from your hip and experiment with different hemlines and judge for yourself the correct length. The latest trend which most of the youngsters prefer nowadays are the short skirts, that is the miniskirts. That is because your figure and legs look very sleek and give a unique look to your whole body shape. It gives your body the sexy look. Other than the mini skirt you can also choose the skirts which are knee length. They have a very professional look. It is best suited for your office wear. You can pair them with a trendy looking top or a blouse and wearing heels will bring out that perfect look in you. These are some basic tips to be followed before selecting a skirt that fits you the best. You can also give a try to the macro, midi or even the long skirt according to individual taste and preferences.

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